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  • Handcrafted wooden Hot Tub

    | Written By : Nessoret Atistic woodcraft at date :12:06 AM

    This Unique Hot Tub is a one-of a kind item in the Country.

    The Hot tub was commissioned by a client who wanted a special home Hot Tub – made ​​entirely of natural wood and hand-carved.

    In Europe, America and the Far East, it is relatively common, but in Israel there are almost no wooden tubs or hot-tubs. (There are individual items of a hot tub with “straight walls” coverings – basically a straight barrel without any ergonomic design).

    The experience of sitting in the wooden hot tub and a the gentle touch of the natural wood , so totally different from the alienating plastic, gives a new twist to the concept of “touch and caress” – which makes it very popular in SPAs , hotels and places of accommodation and healing around the world.

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